SOATravel Goes To IBM InterConnect 2017 - Las Vegas

Expose, Distribute and Consume eTravel Services through IBM API Connect and BlueMix | session #3812A

Using real customer experience examples, this session demonstrates the path to a successful deployment on Bluemix of an integration solution developed with IBM API Connect. Topics include:
  • 1) Developing travel services with IBM API Connect (LoopBack application integrating existing REST/SOAP travel services; eTravel models and data sources SQL binding; customizing eTravel services with local databases and customized rules—flights and hotels case study);
  • 2) Test, assemble and deploy (testing and documenting through Swagger; deploying on Micro Gateway, DataPower Gateway and Bluemix)
  • 3) Client-side integration (consuming through Angular.js over Node.js; portlet consuming MVC with Freemarker and IBM Portal).
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The SOATravel Platform

SOATravel is an Extensible, Programmable and Modular Software Suite ...

Lets Tour Operator and Big OTA develop our customized e-Commerce Platform by starting from existing modules and features builts on standards and integrable in a quick and standard way.

Do Leverage over SOATravel Suite and Create our e-Commerce Web Enterprise Solution targeted to your Business.

SOATravel is Suitable for Environments:


a Traveller that builds a "self made" travel solution.


a Travel Agency that offers corporate services to own customers with profiled access and business rules.


Travel Networks and OTA create different markerting channels and brands with "ad hoc" business logics just on a click.


Internet Booking Engine

Based on SOAP/REST/XML standard architecture, performs searches, quotations, optioning/bookings, reviews of different kinds of travel services, normalized and provided back by doing leverage over our User Experience, allowing an impressive configuration and personalization of results and all business policies (markups, discounts ...) through a nested structure of groups (profiles) and users (agencies).

Connectors / Plugins

Building Bricks and main actors: let Soatravel interact with main Travel Providers and GDS(Expedia, MSC, Costa, RC, Travelport UAPI, Opentur...). Plugins can be added or removed in a pluggable way, avoid stopping the Soatravel Service Engine. Easily create (or let us create for you) and deploy your customized plugins through SOATravel API to enhance the huge set of already provided features.

Modules & A.P.I.

  • SOA3p
    • Travel CMS / Custom Offers Manager
  • SWAGateway
    • Payment Gateways (credit card payments...)
  • SOATravelFilters&Tasks
    • Customizable Handlers (through API) that injects specific behaviours in any travel transaction phase
  • SOATravelApi
    • Developer API (Java, Javascript and Groovy)

Enterprise Portal & Web Plugins

Optional Component that builds and manages Web Sites and Front End Portals with responsive and professional, highly customizable look and feels, multi device/responsive and 100% managed via browser.

Web Admin Console

Use you next generation browser (HTML 5 and CSS 3) to manage your SOATRavel Environemnt. Crete profiles and agencies, marketing rules, activate and manage connectors, tasks (...)

Support & Training

We support our customers in many ways:

  • Consultancy
  • Ad Hoc Development
  • Courses
  • Remote Help
  • On Site Help


Costa Crociere

Costa Cruises

Msc Crociere

Msc Cruises

Royal Caribbean

Royal Caribbean

Azamara Club Cruises

Azamara Club Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Celebrity Cruises





Expedia Affiliate Network

Expedia Affiliate Network

Easyjet & Ryanair

Easyjet, Ryanair and most important Low Cost Carriers

GDS Flights

GDS Flights

Voli GDS

Travelport Universal API





Press Tours

Press Tours






SOATravel Suite is available in 3 (three) ways, in addition to a specific agreement (and costs) with an each Travel Service Provider that isn't managed by Lemansys and MUST be signed separately.

Annual Fee - In House

End User License. Renew each year.First Setup fee "once a time". Hardware Infrastructure is managed by the Customer. This offer includes training activities for administrators, developers and employees. SLA: Support 5x7, bug fixes & software upgrades.

Annual Fee - Cloud

End User License. Renew each year. Save costs of local Hardware and OS Licenses. Get Benefits Provided by our SOATravel Blue Cloud Solution powered by IBM Bluemix. This offer includes training activities for administrators, developers and employees. SLA: Support 7 x 7, bug fixes & software upgrades.

Fully Licensed

Provided "as is" with source code. Your starting point to develop our business goals: you become owner of our code for "unlimited internal use" (you're not authorized to sell the code to third parties). This offer includes training activities and a limited set of days for consultancy provided by us "on site".

Lemansys S.r.l

Since year 2005 we're offering Consultancy and Solutions for e-Travel Enterprise Environment.

Visit Lemansys Site.

Improve Your Imagination With Consistency!

Lemansys specializes in e-Travel solutions for Big OTA, Tour Operators and Travel Networks.
Interfaces more than 100 providers.
Builds and Develops Enterprise Portal Solutions:

  • IBM
  • Liferay
  • Custom

Is partner of PROW for International Training Activites.